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Paladin's Rent Tracker

rent tracker
Paladin's Rent Tracker
Easy rent tracking for friends on shared parcels


Paladin's Rent Tracker is a simple solution for those who rent a parcel and want to share rental costs with friends who live there too. For that, a complicated rental system isn't necessary and is almost always overkill. All you need is a way to track whether a friend is up to date on their portion of the shared payment.

Rent Tracker does that easily and simply, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg either.

Rent Tracker uses a configurable notecard to allow you to set up the amount your friend should pay. All you need to do is enter your friend's name and the rent amount and Rent Tracker automatically manages everything from there. There are more options if you want them, like receiving an IM when your friend pays, but it's up to you.

Even easier, Rent Tracker comes with nine pre-made one-prim objects that you can simply drop on your parcel, configure, and forget. The included items are copy/mod so you can use them just as decorative items if you want. Make as many copies as you like.

Copyable script!

Rent Tracker also comes with a copyable script so if you don't like the pre-made objects, you can place Rent Tracker in anything you own. Your rent terminal can be whatever you like — a traditional rental post, or a more subtle object that fits with your landscape or build. On my own rented parcel I use the rock, placed near a small stream. No one but me and my friend knows it is a rental terminal and it looks like just a natural addition to our landscape.

A left-click on Rent Tracker reports privately to either the renter or to you about the amount of rent currently due and the date of last payment. It won't respond to anyone else, so payment info is just between you and your friend.

To pay rent, just right-click and choose "Pay" from the pie menu. The amount to be paid is presented as a series of easy buttons: 1 week, 2 weeks, or 4 weeks, automatically calculated. There's also a place to fill in any amount in case your friend wants to make a partial payment, or pay ahead by more.

It can't get much easier than this.

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