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Paladin's Bedside Oil Lamps

bedside lamp quartet
Our smaller, bedside oil lamps
with our unique adjustable wick and flame

These smaller bedside oil lamps contain our unique adjustable working wicks, but in smaller and simpler versions. Like our Antique Oil Lamp, just turn the wick raiser knob by holding or clicking to adjust the flame, anywhere from low and romantic to high and illuminating. The amount of light it gives off, and the surrounding area that is lit, changes according to the height of the flame.

Click the body of these lamps to toggle the flame off and on. It will remember your last setting when you light it again. When the flame goes out, a wisp of smoke rises from the chimney.

These beautiful bedside lamps have striking, three-dimensional textures and come in four varieties: stone or glass, and plain or with sculpted ivy leaves. Purchase one of each to created a matched set.

Permissions are copy only for these lower-priced lamps.

Click the links at the right to see and purchase Paladin's Bedside Oil Lamps at our shop in-world or at the SL Marketplace.

Fall "Fall"
Fall vined "Fall" - vined
Glass "Glass"
Glass-vined "Glass" - vined
Detail-fall "Fall" - detail
Glass detail "Glass" vined - detail

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